Tytam prides itself in having the most experienced and professional technicians in the industry. Our resurfacing division provides our customers with the highest quality coatings while using the latest techniques and offering a wide variety of services for all your needs.

bathroomResurfacing Services

  • Kitchen cabinets resurface/repair
  • Bath cabinets resurface/repair
  • Kitchen counters resurface/repair
  • Bath counters resurface/repair
  • Cultured marble vanity resurface/repair
  • Cultured marble sink resurface/repair
  • Porcelain sink resurface/repair
  • Porcelain tub resurface/repair
  • Appliance resurface/repair
  • Appliance resurface/repair
  • Ceramic tile resurface
  • Power clean tubs
  • Power clean surrounds
  • Fiberlass tub crack repair


Stone Fleck

We offer a line of resurfacing called stone fleck, which is a multi colored material that when dry resembles the look of solid surface counter tops at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Stone Fleck is protected with a clear solvent that prevents staining and fading. Available in many colors, Stone Fleck adds a fresh modern look at your apartments.

We can provide a price sheet upon request or schedule a time to evaluate the property and determine a price that is right for you!